Everyday a new tool comes out, a new strategy a new business topic. But how can you as a busy solopreneur or freelancer know what is usefull and not?
How can you take advantage of all the new techonology available?
As a solopreneur myself , I'm also pursuing one of my passion that is technology and helping you with practical tools and insightful guidance tailored to your specific needs.

I help you use the rights tools and tutorials with practical examples to your business.

You have this, step by step, you find here the info you need to build your business.



The best tools for the job. Where to use them, tutorials about them, and real cases



Answers with meaning that hopefully help you make the right decisions when the time arrives



A step by step tutorial showing you how to put in practice the tools and examples into your business.



Deliver to your email, no spam just great information. The interviews, the tools, the news. All in one go.



Find the right templates to make you save time to grow your next big thing



My products are here yes. You can buy them but also learn more how I build them, what went wrong and what went good

Meet the awesome team behind BizBox I'm kidding. It's only me

Hi, I'm Ricardo

I am creating BizBox because I want to have a place where the right info and tools for a solopreneur or small entrepreneur are easy to find. I am doing still this part time, as I have my day job and a beautifull family to spent time with. No matter what, my passion and dedication for this make it work. Be part of this and start growing your business.

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