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Alex Styl

The moment you improve someone's life is pure magical to me

November 2, 2022




What made you quit your job to build digital products?

I enjoy the full spectrum of building products (from user research to ideation to design and development). Big companies need specialists most of the time, so after spending a few years in the industry I realized that no matter the position, I wouldn't remain happy for long. As a result, I decided to spend some time to understand how it is possible to make a living building my own products, and here we are.

How many products you have built?

Two so far. Audio Bites, which turns your audio into 30-second visual clips, and Social Viewer, which is the demographics of your Twitter followers.

Talk to us about your last product Audiobites?

Audio Bites started as a test to see if I could come up with an idea for a product, build it and launch it within a month's time. People already have their own way of creating their audio content. I wanted to create a super simple way for them to "repackage" their content in a way that allows them to share it around better.

What drives you to build a product? the product itself, the idea, or the money?

I am interested in understanding the problem one might have in their day today. The moment that you can deliver a solution and improve someone's life is pure magic to me. Of course, being able to be paid for it is a huge bonus.

Favorite Tool and why?

Trello. That's how I organize my ideas. I also use it as a kanban board when building.

How do you plan to monetize your products/brand?

Since the launch of Audio Bites, people have been requesting features and customization options they want to see. Some have offered to pay to see them happening. I see that as a great starting point for monetizing the product

Word of advice?

It is still very early for me to be giving advice as I am still learning. A reminder instead would be that things start getting less 'scary' right after you do them for the first time.

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