March 16, 2023

Get Waves

Make some waves!

If you ever needed to create a cool wave animation for a design project but didn't know where to start might got you covered.

It's a website that lets you generate animated wave SVG shapes easily and quickly. The tool is super user-friendly and intuitive, so you don't have to be a design expert to use it. You can adjust parameters such as style of wave, wavelength,, and color, and watch the wave come to life in real-time as you tweak the settings.

Once you're happy with your wave animation, you can download it as an SVG file and use it in all kinds of design projects. It's a great way to add some visual interest and movement to your designs without having to spend a lot of time or effort on it.

Overall, is a handy and fun and free tool for designers and non-designers alike who want to add some flair to their designs with animated wave shapes.

It's made by Z Creative Labs and was product of the day on Product Hunt on 1st August of 2019

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